Flare Flames reaching for the FEZ with Split looking on.

The FEZ is one of the four Void Artifacts of Destroy the Godmodder 2. Like the Hexahedron and the Black Monolith, the FEZ originates from the game FEZ. It is a cubic fez that, when worn by someone, extends their sight of reality and allows them to access a dimension higher than the one they exist on. When worn by a 2D figure, it lets them interact with the 3D world, and when worn by a 3D figure, it lets them interact with the 4D world.

If handled improperly or generally misused, the FEZ could cause the Hexahedron to fracture or shatter entirely, creating the Glitch. The FEZ was acquired by TwinBuilder in Destroy the Godmodder through unknown means, who accidentally summoned the Glitch with it. In Destroy the Godmodder 2, Flare Flames found the FEZ at the end of the Antichamber and used it to beat Project Binary. Doc Scratch later took it and used it to become the second Psi-Godmodder.

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