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GodCraft's First Block near the end of the game.

First Blocks are some of the most powerful objects in Minecraft, and are about 100 times bigger than a normal block. There is one in every Minecraft world, and they rest at the heart of the world's Yggdrasil. Each has the power to grant one wish, as long as the person who wished it has a pure heart and their deed is heroic. Upon doing so, the Block will initiate a world-changing event and the user's wish will be granted.

GodCraft's First Block was used in Destroy the Godmodder 2 to Scratch the Disc of Mojang and repair Minecraft's Fourth Wall at the End of Act 2. It was later recovered by the Conflict and used to bring the Employer, Project Binary, and Binary Prime to GodCraft in time for Trial 7.