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“Suddenly, at the Battlefield, everyone sees a new cave spring up out of nowhere! It is decorated with obsidian, and inside rests an Alchemiter, thousands of captchalogue cards, and some supplies! You can now alchemize anything at any time. ”
TwinBuilder, Destroy The Godmodder 2

The Forge was the location of the Alchemiter. It was a cave in the middle of the Battlefield. It was destroyed when Godcraft was destroyed at the start of Trial 6.


Alchemiter: [A] HP: None. Maximum Level Supported: 5. Upgrades: 8/10.


Jumper Block Extension + Punch Card Shunt. (Allows upgrades to the Alchemiter to be made easily.)Forge. (Purifies metal-based alchemizations.)

Iron Furnace. (Items can now be smelted in the Alchemiter.)

Duplicator. (Items can be multiplied. Duplicating the item will require one post, but making 4 of an item would require 3 posts, and so on.)

Loom. (Allows any item to be made into a piece of clothing instantly.)

Divider. (Allows basic items and alchemies to be turned into their base components, like turning iron ingots into iron nuggets.)

Garage. (Enables alchemies with vehicles to be made more easily. Also acts as a place to store vehicles.)

Enlarger. (Can change anything's size, whether bigger or smaller.)


SCP-914 is a machine that can change the way an alchemy works. Settings:

Very Fine Fine 1/1 Rough Coarse


Very Fine changes the way an item works. If an item is used, there is a 50% chance it will hit both sides, a 16% chance it will hit your side, a 16% chance it will hit the opposing side, and a 16% chance a random effect will occur.

Fine will raise an item's level. This can be reversed with Rough.

1/1 makes a different, but similar item with the same level.

Rough will undo the item's last alchemization and will reverse Fine's effects.

Coarse will change the item into its basic components.


Base Supplies:

Hammer, Knitting Needles, Cheap Sword, Rifle, Computer, Xbox 360, Backpack, Iron Ingot, Furnace, Crafting Table.

Player-Added Supplies:

Wooden Planks, Coal, Torch, Cobblestone, Dirt, Lava Bucket, Water Bucket, Lapis Lazuli, Redstone Dust, Name Tag, Iron Horse Armor, Cocoa Beans, Seeds, Minecart, Dispenser, Gold Foil, Infinity Bow, Awkward Potion, Swift Snowball Gun, Uranium, Rotten Flesh, Chair, Crossbow, Mithril, Tungsten-Carbide, Adamantium, Chaos Emerald, Carrot, Potato, Bone, Arrow, String, Spider Eye, Gunpowder, Ender Pearl, Entropy Ingot, Ellorium Ingot, Glowstone, Tiberium, Seeds, Wheat, Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin, Melon Seeds, Melon Slices, Cocoa Beans, Jungle Wood, Sugar Cane, Cactus, Gear, Rope, Pulley, Lever, Spring, Gold Ingot, Cold Fusion Power Cell.

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