The Fort
Entity Stats
Faction Anti-Godmodder
Summoner huffpuff1337
Charge Time 3
Page Summoned 3
Page Killed 42
Battlefield Stats
HP 5,000, increased with upgrades to a cap of 9,000.
Attack Power ~1,800.
Special Abilities Can protect Players from the Battlefield. Has Shields powered by a Shield Generator, plus several Turrets.

Shield Generator: 10,000 HP. Turrets: 2,000 HP.

The Fort was an entity summoned by huffpuff1337 during Act 1 of Destroy the Godmodder 2. It was notable for being the first player-summoned entity in the game. It was created to provide protection for the Players that the Anti-Godmodders would come across on GodCraft. It was upgraded several times to provide shields and offensive capabilities as well.

History Edit

DTG2 Edit

The Fort was summoned extremely quickly, and was ready to be added in the first few posts of the game. However, since no Players had been found on the Battlefield by the time the Fort had been summoned, it remained in limbo until xXCraftMasterXx, the first player, was rescued. It provided him protection and allowed him to stock up on supplies before entering combat.

Fseftr and huffpuff then upgraded the Fort to Level 2 shortly after xXCraftMasterXx entered combat, giving the Fort the ability to hold more players. After that, the Fort was upgraded further to Lv. 3, where it gained a Turret. Lastly, the Fort was upgraded to Lv. 4, where it gained another Turret and a Shield Generator.

The Fort was supposed to go up to Lv. 5, but huffpuff became inactive shortly after the Fort reached Lv. 4, so it never reached the next level. The Shield Generator allowed the Fort to survive for a long time before it was eventually destroyed by the S-Mech Mk. I and the SP-Mech Mk. I.