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“With the keys, I met the lock, and took a step through the beyond.”
Notch, Ends of the Earth

The Gate, as shown in the ending of the Pinary ARG.

The Gate is a giant construction located in the Ends of the Earth. It resembles a closed set of double doors flanked by two rectangular prisms. The Gate is permanently closed. Nothing in Fiction can open it, unless a being walks in front of the Gate and, using the nine Curses of the Order, unlocks it.

Behind the Gate is a location known as the Garden of Geometry, and within it is Metatron. If the Gate's opener challenges and kills Metatron in combat, they will gain his Curse, the Interpunct, and can use it to reshape the laws of Fiction at will. However, if they fail to kill Metatron, Metatron will use this power himself to bring about a similar fate.

The Scribe has sought this goal in the Zeroth Wars of both Destroy the Godmodder 2's and Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins' timeline. He was successful in DTG2's timeline, though he forfeited the Interpunct and locked it within a prison behind the Gate instead. In DTG0, he collected four out of the nine Curses required before the game ended.