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“You're all blind! And if it falls on me to pull back the curtain and bring about daybreak, then so be it!”

The Godmodder, Destroy the Godmodder 2

The Godmodder near the end of DTG2.

The Godmodder, also known by his real name Richard, as well as Omega, is the main antagonist of the Destroy the Godmodder series. He is an extremely powerful Minecraft player whose goal is to cause anarchy and rage. His powers manifest themselves through godmodding, which he uses to block nearly any attack thrown at him and to create anything.

The Godmodder climbed through much of the Godmodding Scale during the timeframe of Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins. After defeating UserZero at the war's end, he became the only Omega+ godmodder in existence. He then killed all other godmodders, making sure no one could match him in power.

The Godmodder owns a company known as Godmodding Incorporated. It has been shown that from this company, the Godmodder can make money off of causing players to ragequit, regardless of what happens on Earth. Because of this, his goal is to make any player he can find ragequit, as it is his job.

Over the latter parts of Destroy the Godmodder 2, the Godmodder developed a split personality. The first half was Omega, which appeared to be his original personality, and the second half was Alpha, a personality centered around taking over reality rather than merely inciting rage. Alpha and Omega worked together at first in an extended totality, but their relationship ended in a Shatter during the End of Act 4 and Act 5.

As of the epilogue of DTG2, the Godmodder is currently in the Exception, attempting to reboot Fiction.

The Godmodder's chumhandle is godCrafted [GC] (daa520).


TT2000 stated that he'd like the Godmodder's appearance to be left to reader interpretation, and left it that way for the first game. However, when asked about it in a conversation, TT2000 replied, "[Sylveon, a member of DTG1] used to have the avatar of this purple boss from Megaman. Megaman art style, purple suit, yellow lining on helmet, cocky pose...somehow, it just looked right to me. So that's how I forever imagined the godmodder."

During Destroy the Godmodder 2, the Godmodder's Minecraft avatar gained an actual appearance. He is an older and more powerful version of Steve, complete with a beard. His clothes are faded, and he has a brown belt with a golden buckle that is inscribed with a Creeper face. The Godmodder also has brown shoes instead of grey. His right arm has a black glove with gold lining and a gold omega symbol, referencing the fact that the Godmodder is Omega+. He also has a Minecon 2011 cape.

After the events of DTG1, the Godmodder's cape became tattered, and he lost an arm and an eye. The Godmodder healed at the start of DTG2, gaining a scar over his left eye and replacing his severed left arm with the Godarm, a powerful robotic arm with many abilities. The Godarm continued to be upgraded over the course of the game.

It has been shown that in real life, the Godmodder is able to manipulate his appearance at will, so he can look like anyone and (presumably) anything. When he has been seen by the players, he usually takes the appearance of a humanized version of his Minecraft avatar.


The Godmodder has been shown to be greedy and narcissistic, having a great desire to be the best around and in control of others. Although he did very well in life before he became a godmodder, he also suffered from apparent depression, as he started feeling he had lived an empty life. Once he discovered Minecraft and become a godmodder, he slipped past the moral event horizon and became an evil being who enjoys causing rage, misery, and pain to others. 

The Godmodder's trait of always striving to be the best shot himself in the foot during DTG2, as he tried to think so big that he bit off more than he could chew. He enjoys the battle with the Anti-Godmodders, and although his heart is set on battling, he knows to call ceasefires and team up when the time is right. At the end of DTG2, the Godmodder realized he didn't need to constantly prove himself anymore, and decided to stop always thinking so big and return to his roots.



In his youth, the Godmodder was born into a very rich family. He grew up greedy, thinking he could get anything he wanted. Despite his wealth, he was unpopular at school and was frequently bullied. He enjoyed (and excelled at) playing video games, and this finally helped make him popular. However, his greed drove him apart from the rest of the world. Although he knew his behavior was wrong, he continued to mock others as they had done to him before.

After college, the Godmodder became a master at programming, exploiting glitches and bugs in video games. He used the stock industry to fuel his greed and become more influential than ever, working on and beta-testing many computer games. However, he found no enjoyment in doing so. Around this time, the Godmodder began to have strange and prophetic dreams. In the dreams, he was running from a giant shadow of himself. The shadow would always catch up to him in the end. Sometimes, it would talk to the Godmodder, challenging his life choices and telling him to stop running. The Godmodder would then always die.

After many re-occurrences of the dream, the Godmodder eventually had enough, stopped running, and turned to face the shadow. The shadow then gave the Godmodder advice, telling him to pursue what he loved and that he would get power by doing so. After this occurrence of the dream, the Godmodder no longer had them in any form. The Godmodder then devoted the rest of his life to playing computer games, going back to what he excelled at before. Eventually, he found Minecraft when it was very early on in development.

The Godmodder was interested in the game's idea of being able to do anything. He had participated in many roleplays before, seeking the same idea. But he was always kicked out of them for godmodding. The Godmodder thought Minecraft showed promise and began contacting Notch about the game. The two became friends as the Godmodder delved into Minecraft's source code and found the universe that lied beneath it.

Eventually, the Godmodder got involved in the Psi-Godmodding War due to Doc Scratch's influence. He acted as a neutral player, watching the chaos rather than interacting with it. Twelve hours after his entry, he, along with Gemini, the Player, and the Psi-Godmodder, traveled to the Arctic in order to intercept Doc Scratch and his Machine. The Godmodder watched the ensuing battle and was floored by it, wanting to have as much power as the Psi-Godmodder did. From that day onward, he decided to follow in the Psi-Godmodder's footsteps and become a godmodder.

The Godmodder then began suggesting things to be put in Minecraft, gaining so much sway over the game's development that he became an honorary member of Mojang. He and Notch were so close that he gained the nickname Richard "Persson". Eventually, the Godmodder learned how to change the code of Minecraft at will, becoming a godmodder in all its glory.

The Godmodder eventually went on servers to test his power against others. On Halloween 2010, he took part in the Great Pranking War. The Godmodder took the pranks too far, invading Mojang's private server and summoning his first Terror Mobs on it. Mojang was shocked at the Godmodder's power, and it is assumed he was kicked off of the team afterward. After terrorizing so many players, the Godmodder realized how fun it was to make people rage-quit. Now, finally having a way to impose his power on others, the Godmodder began trying to hone his power.

As other players began using godmodding of their own, the Godmodder fought them and rose up the Godmodding Scale. Eventually, he became Gamma Tier.


During DTG0, the Godmodder challenged and fought the current Omega+ Tier, UserZero, after butting heads with her several times over the past, including attempted identity theft. She was also partially responsible for his fear of tubas, which was connected to one of the first manifestations of her godmodding abilities.

Once the players appeared on the Zeroth Server via time anomaly, the Godmodder told all of them to help him fight UserZero, as she was a complete menace. The Godmodder and UserZero quickly became the two leaders of very large factions fighting for dominance, with other godmodders periodically appearing that were potential candidates for the Godmodder to kill. The first godmodder the Godmodder killed was Sans. In doing so, the Godmodder became a Gamma+ Tier.

Over the course of the war, the Godmodder fought several other godmodders until he eventually rose up to Omega Tier. Finally, he ended up tampering with the very source code of Minecraft to take UserZero's position as the Omega+ Godmodder, becoming the owner of Godmodding Incorporated.


Now that he was Omega+ Tier, the Godmodder truly began his quest to make everyone ragequit. He killed all the other godmodders to ensure no one could take his rank. He gained control of the OP Scale and created his various Turrets and Curses. He began attacking every server on Minecraft, feeding on the rage it caused and adding to his ego. Eventually, he believed no one could touch him, and that he was invincible both in and out of the game.

To help further that belief, the Godmodder used Godmodding Incorporated. The company makes money off of every person he causes to rage-quit. At an undefined point, the Godmodder ended up creating and living in his own mansion, named Richard Mansion. He created a network composed of an infinite amount of computers in his basement to fuel his antics, and used the power of the Veil to make sure no one knew where he lived. The Godmodder ended up becoming one of the most powerful people in the world while remaining behind the scenes.


During DTG1, the Godmodder went on the server GenericCraft and decided to try and make every player on the server ragequit. A dedicated group of players rose up and battled the Godmodder. The Godmodder used his various Curses to limit their attacks, and used the Anti-Chuck Norris Turret to block the many attempts at summoning Chuck Norris. As the war raged on and the Godmodder's health began growing smaller, he summoned more and more Terrors to combat the players. He had to combat a Dimensional Monster that threatened the integrity of the server, and eventually the Glitch, which did the same thing on a much larger scale.

When the Glitch was stopped, the Godmodder was teleported in the future to DTG2 due to Zero Hour, where he was attacked by the players of that game. Once he was damaged enough there, he was teleported back to DTG1. After this, the Godmodder created a giant castle that he hid out in. The players and several hunter groups managed to destroy it and draw him out. Afterwards, the Godmodder convinced the staff of the server to promote him to Admin. Once he did that, he was completely invincible. The players stopped him by showing proof to the staff that the Godmodder was misusing his power, and they demoted him to a normal player.

When the Godmodder was knocked down to 1 HP, he began to attempt a powerful spell to restore him to full health. He then turned the Anti-Chuck Norris Turret into a gigantic Tank and used it block every attack the players sent at him. The players then called upon the power of the Secret of the Void to combat the ACNTT. In a long and epic battle, the Secret of the Void obliterated the ACNTT, and Crusher48 managed to kill the Godmodder by roundhouse-kicking him through the Void and into another universe. When he respawned, the Godmodder ragequit the server, getting a taste of his own medicine.


Act 1

After his defeat in DTG1, the Godmodder wanted nothing but revenge. He created his own Minecraft server he called GodCraft and trapped every player of Minecraft on it, with the server's source code later revealed to be inside his own mind. He then uploaded a virus called The Operation onto all of their computers so they would be forced to ragequit the server endlessly. A new group of players rose up to stop the Godmodder, but he was prepared this time. He was more powerful, had more HP, and summoned powerful Mechs instead of Terrors. The Godmodder was prepared to kill the Descendants for good.

Dedicated players loyal to the Godmodder started appearing, and the Godmodder used them to his advantage. They summoned a gigantic fleet of TIE-Fighters for him, among other things. Eventually, the Godmodder learned of the existence of Monolithium, and raced to the temple to try and tap into the Black Monolith's power before the players could. During Zero Hour, the Godmodder managed to narrowly use the Monolith's power before a meteor destroyed the temple. The Godmodder summoned his past self from DTG1 to fight for him. Eventually, the players dealt enough damage to the Godmodder's past self that he went back to DTG1, and the fight resumed as normal.

Afterwards, the Update Terminal crashed, leaving the Godmodder unable to interact with anything.

Intermission 1

The Godmodder did not directly interact with the events of Intermission 1.

Act 2

The Godmodder decided to partner with Doc Scratch and the Homestuck Invasion, creating an unstoppable force. The Godmodder used )(er Imperious Condescension and her Crockercorp Fleet to deal serious damage to his opponents. The Godmodder also began talking with Doc Scratch, revealing information such as TwinBuilder being destined to die, and what Doc Scratch planned to do with GodCraft once it was captured. As Doc Scratch summoned the Felt and subjected the players to a boss rush, the Invasion spread even further across the server with the Godmodder's help.

The Godmodder then heard The_Serpent recite the Psi-Godmodder's Prophecy to the entire server, and began to believe that he was the new Psi-Godmodder destined to follow in the original's footsteps. Scratch wouldn't tell the Godmodder if he would become the Psi-Godmodder, although he did say the Godmodder would gain an unimaginable power later in the war.

As the war continued, TT2000 subjected the Godmodder to a quest that would give him treasure. In the spirit of April Fool's Day, the quest was a dead end, and the Godmodder went through tons of strenuous activity for no reward at all. Driven mad by this and the apparent futility of the war, the Godmodder broke and repeated only one word, "heh", with no end. Thirteen days later on April 14, the Godmodder became Psychopath Godmodder, uniting Lil' Cal and the Creepy Dummy into a fearsome monster known as Calamity.

TT2000 prepared his massive 100-Post Cannon to fire at Calamity, but the Godmodder blocked the brunt of the attack, his Psychopathic phase subsiding as a result. Back to normal, the Godmodder dealt the killing blow to The Virus, who then promised he would end the Godmodder in turn. The Godmodder ignored his last words and moved on.

The Godmodder was largely inactive during the Shatter, Doc Scratch's subsequent takeover of the Update Terminal, and Scratch's Manor. He was mostly seen complaining about how there were no players to fight, and not doing much else. When the players went back on the server, the Godmodder traveled with them to Yggdrasil to prevent them from Scratching the First Block. In the end, he was unsuccessful, and the Invasion was forced out of the server. The Godmodder was abandoned again when the players were teleported into the Void.

Intermission 2

The Godmodder did not directly interact with the events shown in Intermission 2. However, he was shown to have participated in the Psi-Godmodding War.

Act 3

The Godmodder decided to put the focus of the war back on him, taking over most of the Battlefield and its surrounding zones. At first, he ignored the government's unveiling of Project Binary, focusing instead on the Tabletopian Army's sudden attack against him. But before King Ikea could be killed, Irecreeper managed to break the Godmodder's heart due to a bad romance novel, killing him instantly. The Godmodder's lifeless body was taken by Ikea, who used his ship to fly through the Void and to Earth.

When Ikea went to Earth, he traveled to Aperture Science with Bill Cipher, GLaDOS, a hologram of Project Binary, and several government agents. There, they took the Godmodder's body and extracted some of its coding, storing it for later use. The coding was later revealed to be used as part of Project Binary himself. The Godmodder was revived and deposited back on GodCraft, where Bill also traveled.

Eventually, the Godmodder learned of a secret meeting in the Conclave scheduled for September 1, 2014. The players learned of it as well at roughly the same time. The Godmodder began preparing for the big day as it drew near. The day before, the Godmodder went AFK on the server - something he had never done before.

On September 1, the players managed to get to the Conclave due to a portal summoned by The Operator. While they were there, they came across a man named Rick who was attending the meeting. He was actually the Godmodder in disguise, and he learned of Project Binary's power of code manipulation at the event. When a bomb was detonated in the Conclave, the Godmodder left the area, but not before taunting the players. Both the Godmodder and the players ended up returning to GodCraft safely.

As more and more bosses were summoned to the field, the Godmodder started to take more damage than ever. Eventually, the Black Monolith was destroyed in earnest, and the players found out almost all of the Godmodder's previous backstory. They also discovered that the Godmodder's greatest weakness would be a way to stop the Operation, and that Mojang would somehow play a key role in doing so. Later, the Godmodder helped out the players in the Nether Sidequest, using powerful attacks to help defeat Rage and destroy the Wall of Thorns. Afterwards, the Godmodder formed an army during the Massive Battle of Armies, and also summoned an elite line of Mechs designed to kill armies.

Eventually, Project Binary and the rest of his forces Arrived on GodCraft, ready to kill the Godmodder and to destroy Minecraft. But before they could do anything, Bill spread the Glitch throughout GodCraft once more. The Godmodder desperately tried to keep the server up, maintaining it while making sure the Glitch didn't spread to him. As the players worked to restore the server's Glitch Resistance, they and the Godmodder went to Elsewhere to combat Project Binary. After subduing the rest of his forces, Project Binary merged with the Glitch in a last-ditch effort. With the help of the FEZ, the Godmodder obliterated Project Binary and removed him from the server.

Doing so caused the Glitch to dissolve in a large explosion that the Godmodder absorbed the brunt of. He sustained massive physical and mental trauma before teleporting back to GodCraft, exhausted and suffering frequent headaches.

Intermission 3

Build convinced the Godmodder to go to sleep, telling him if he did so, his headaches would stop. When the Godmodder went to sleep and traveled into his mindscape, he found that he had developed his own two split personalities: Omega and Alpha. Omega, the Godmodder's "main personality", learned that Alpha could help him unlock hidden powers. The two splits decided to become partners, and began preparing for the trials ahead.

Act 4

The Godmodder, having been brought down to 10 HP, began the Trials, a series of six events designed to be as challenging as possible to the players. Completing one would knock a little bit of HP off of the Godmodder, and completing all of them would kill him. With Alpha's newfound powers, beating these Trials would be no easy task for the players.

The first trial, Final Wave, involved the Godmodder summoning the last and most powerful wave of Mechs. The Godmodder began to use powerful Battle Techniques and Combat Operandi of his own to damage the players. However, the players also used Comb Raves to retaliate against the Godmodder's newfound power. After the Mechs were destroyed, the Godmodder started the next trial, Demonhead. He summoned Demonhead Mobster Kingpin II in an intense yet quick boss fight.

As the Godmodder prepared to summon something for the next trial, the Vord army descended onto the Battlefield and spread across the server. The Godmodder was forced to team up with the players and exterminate the Vord in the third trial, Infestation. He fought with the Preston Cole as the players went from the Battlefield to the Far Lands in their mission to remove all the croach the Vord spread and find the source of it.

During the fight, Omega and Alpha had a talk. They realized that they seemed to be in a permanent totality, which is very rare for split personalities. However, Alpha didn't view Omega as his equal, to Omega's minor annoyance. Suddenly, the two splits saw that a player on GodCraft found one of the Ancestral Artifacts hidden on the server. Realizing the potential advantage it could bring, Omega and Alpha decided to travel across the server and collect all of the Artifacts so that they could become the Psi-Godmodder.

The Godmodder teleported to the players who found the Ancestral Bone, convinced them to hand it over, and killed them. He then regrouped with the Descendants and traveled to the End, the main base of the Vord. The Godmodder helped exterminate the Hive-Queen and rid the Vord's presence from GodCraft. In the process, the End island was destroyed. The Godmodder took the Ancestral Eye from the wreckage and used it to teleport everyone back to the Battlefield. Through time shenanigans, he also took the Ancestral Gunpowder in the past.

The Godmodder decided to take a break in between trials to deal with some business. Ninjatwist approached the Godmodder with a Blood Pact, in which the Godmodder would be able regenerate in exchange for attacking his own entities. The Godmodder turned his offer down, as he felt he had to finish what he started.

Finishing up his business, the Godmodder found the Ancestral Flesh and Silk, gathering all the Artifacts together. He then teleported all the players to the Void as he prepared to take the Disc of Mojang from the First Block. However, he found it wasn't there. While consulting with Alpha, Doc Scratch suddenly appeared and attacked him. Scratch revealed he had the Disc and then used it to steal the Artifacts from the Godmodder and the FEZ from Flare_Flames, becoming the Psi-Godmodder. He also shrunk down the Godmodder and stuck him into a giant tuba, causing him to be unable to interact with anyone for the entirety of the fourth trial, Ascent.

As the fight went from Limbo back into the Void, some players tried to break the Godmodder's tuba to no avail. The only time he was able to interact with the story at all was during Twin's April Fool's prank, when the game turned into the pacifist-centric Love the Godmodder. The Godmodder went into such a rage over it that he crashed the forum game itself, sending the players back into Act 2 and creating a doomed timeline.

When the normal game resumed, the players eventually destroyed all of Scratch's Artifacts and beat him. The Godmodder was freed from his tuba and completely obliterated Scratch in an explosion on the scale of the Big Bang. The Godmodder also disabled the Spire, a machine Scratch had built in order to instantly summon the Employer. However, he was too late to stop the Spire from sending a pulse out into the Void that awakened the Employer.

After the fourth trial, the Godmodder began to notice that GodCraft was failing. The world was beginning to become corrupted, glitched, and laggy due to the Descendants' constant tampering with reality. He also noticed that half the server's population was idle. What he didn't know was that that was due to the machinations of Project Binary. He blamed Alpha for all these problems, and decided to talk to him.

Omega and Alpha fought over who was to blame, breaking their totality and messing with their mindscape. In the end, the two realized they were both to blame for their problems, and decided to keep working together to make sure the server stayed intact. They set up the plans for the last two trials in secret, which would stop Mojang from destroying the Operation and let the Godmodder take control of the Narrative. They also decide to weaponize the glitches on the server.

Eventually, Mojang uploaded the first part of Minecraft 2.0 onto the server, spawning the Key in the ruins of Yggdrasil. The Godmodder created a giant skyscraper called the Tower on the origin point, with the Key heavily guarded at the top. The Descendants had to fight their way through the Tower, get to the top, and use the Key with the Alternate Disc to stop the Operation. The Godmodder prepared for the fifth trial, Exodus.

In their ascent of the Tower, the Descendants' Team Excelsior destroyed the Godmodder's Wayback Machine, ruined his Turret production line, and shut down GodCraft's Survival, Creative, and Minigame servers. Meanwhile, Team Excavate went underground and fought the Legion of Pyronus, a group of Pyros the Godmodder had hired to burn down Yggdrasil's roots.

The Godmodder came into contact with a legion of mimes, fearsome creatures who said that the Godmodder was prophesied to bring about the end of the world. To help him with this task, they all formed together into the Bleak, a monster that Team Excelsior had to fight at the top of the Tower. The Bleak defended the Key, which was locked in a Divinium Pillar. Team Excelsior used powerful attacks to destroy the Bleak, and Notch himself appeared on the server to break the Pillar. The players had to distract the Godmodder so Notch could accomplish this, destroying a face of GodCraft in the process.

Team Excavate awakened Yggdrasil's roots, which rose from the ground and ensnared the Tower. The Godmodder couldn't withstand Notch's onslaught and fell to the ground. Notch then broke the Pillar and used the Key to end the Operation. The Descendants fled the Tower as it fell to the ground with the Godmodder still on it. With all other players gone from the server and almost all Trials complete, the Godmodder was spent physically and mentally. His splits seemed to have gone insane, taking turns controlling him. He then teleported away.

Trial 6

The Godmodder traveled to the long-forgotten server the Scribe hid his Journal in and found it. He read about the Red Dragon, and learned that freeing it would destroy the Universe. The Godmodder went to GodCraft's Nether and used the ACNTT's Superlaser to blast a hole straight through the Nether, freeing the Red Dragon. The Red Dragon instantly destroyed the Nether and, after hearing the Godmodder out, gave him some of his power to destroy Minecraftia. The mimes helped to imbue the Godmodder with pure corruption and oblivion.

The Godmodder returned to the Battlefield and, using all of his new power, started the apocalyptic Eclipse. He turned the sun scarlet, destroyed every star in existence, tampered with spacetime, razed the planet down to bedrock, and tore GodCraft's moon into giant chunks that would rain down on the server, destroying the entire universe. It was thanks to Build's well-timed save that the moon's descent was slowed to two weeks.

The Legion of Godmodders also appeared on the server, led by UserZero. They all sought revenge for every wrong the Godmodder had committed to them. The Godmodder created the final Mech to battle against Build, Split, the Legion, and the Descendants: a giant likeness of the Godmodder known as the Incarnate. This started the sixth trial, Eclipse.

The Descendants pinpointed weak points on the Incarnate, destroying its limbs, chestplate, and head. Doing this gave the Legion summoning energy to bring the Few on the server and restore them to their full power. The Few sealed the Red Dragon away and assisted in the final strike against the Incarnate's cockpit. As the moon loomed ever closer, the Descendants used dramatic Comb Raves to completely destroy the Incarnate. The Godmodder was completely powerless as the Eclipse had been nullified.

The Red Dragon had a talk with the Godmodder, telling him his hubris had been his downfall and to not think so big in the future. The Godmodder, swallowing his pride, agreed with the Red Dragon. However, the Red Dragon had left a Mark on the Godmodder, which would haunt him forever. The Godmodder could do nothing but watch as every Descendant attacked him at once, with The_Nonexistent_Tazz killing him. The Godmodder's corpse then fell into the Void, with his Godarm dropping as a Spoil of War.

Trial 7

With the Godmodder's Minecraft avatar seemingly gone, his real persona accepted his fate. However, his avatar was revived into a twisted mockery of its previous appearance due to the Red Dragon's Mark. This new form was closely linked to the Godmodder's real-life and Minecraft state, being dubbed Godmodder Soul. After breaking through the credits and summoning himself back onto the Battlefield, it became clear that Godmodder Soul was insane, unhinged, and highly dangerous. Fighting between four split personalities, his goal was to prove himself once and for all and obliterate the Descendants. He also imprisoned Alpha on top of a pyramid in the center of his mindscape and guarded him with powerful versions of previous bosses in the war.

Godmodder Soul revered the three Binaries when they touched down onto the server, laughing during the Mate. While he was on a ship with the Binaries en route to the Moon, he teamed up with them to get rid of the Descendants and Minecraftia. As the players powered up to use their Final Rave, Godmodder Soul reported on the situation and prepared with the Binaries for an epic spaceship fight. During this phase, Godmodder Soul went around and disrupted player attacks, with the Artemissile as the real target. However, the Descendants took advantage of his weakened mental state, convincing him to fight against the Binaries as well.

When the Descendants destroyed the Artemissile and the Binaries retreated back to GodCraft, Godmodder Soul followed them to stop their plans. He decided to bring the Descendants with him for extra firepower. Going back to the server, Godmodder Soul's changed mind caused him to battle against the Binaries to prove his true superiority. However, he also trapped the Descendants in the middle of the conflict. Using Indigo Flames and the power of the Final Rave, they were able to travel into Godmodder Soul's weakened mind, doing this because of messages they heard from Alpha.

Godmodder Soul now had to fight the Binaries and deal with the Descendants inside his mind at the same time. The Descendants lowered the stability of Godmodder Soul's mindscape while fighting X Bosses to break Alpha free, causing Godmodder Soul's actions to become more and more erratic. While fighting the Binaries, they told him that the Conflict controls every evil force in Fiction, even himself. This caused Godmodder Soul to go into a rage due to perceiving himself as being overshadowed by everything. Parts of the Employer and Binary Prime also went inside Godmodder Soul's mind as well to wreak havoc.

Inside Godmodder Soul's mindscape, the Descendants defeated all of the X Bosses and freed Alpha. Alpha promised to initiate a Shatter with Omega because of this, fearing that he's been corrupted beyond reason. Earlier, the Descendants learned that the source code to GodCraft was inside Godmodder Soul's mind. If he was killed, the server would be destroyed. In addition, the Descendants activated a computer inside a hidden chamber that allowed the Shadow that haunted the Godmodder's dreams to access his mind once more.

End of Act 4

The newly freed Alpha rampaged across Godmodder Soul's mindscape, destroying pieces of it until he got to Omega. Alpha removed the Mark and other corruptions from Omega's personality (although Godmodder Soul was still corrupted.) He then yelled at Omega for making a deal with the Red Dragon and felt that Omega was a mockery of what he once stood for. Omega struck back, calling Alpha a hypocrite for telling him to not go big and felt that Alpha might be trying to usurp him. With the two personalities enraged at each other, they went into a Shatter.

These events caused Godmodder Soul's avatar to crackle with purple and blue energy, floating in the air unconscious. With Project Binary getting reconnaissance from the two other Binaries, they relayed in real time the events occurring inside Godmodder Soul. However, the two of them were heavily injured as the Shatter took place. Godmodder Soul's body contorted itself and began flashing colors of orange, goldenrod, cobalt, and purple to represent all of the forces at play in his mind. When Godmodder Soul's body fell back on the ground, Project Binary called the fight off.

Inside Godmodder Soul's mind, Alpha had to fight Omega's form supercharged with his orange and purple selves. The two were locked in a fierce and destructive stalemate until Omega heard thuds in the distance. Recognizing what the noise came from, Omega was struck with fear and floated in space with Alpha as they waited for the being to come. Eventually, the Shadow made its return to the Godmodder's mindscape, heralding itself as the Agent of the Conflict that forced the Godmodder on his journey.

Omega punched Alpha away and tried to talk to the Shadow, but can only stand still. The Shadow lunged at Omega with its drill, attacking him and ruining the mindscape in the process. Alpha was caught in the frenzy as well. The two are knocked unconscious and destroy the pyramid as they fall. The Shadow then erased the sky from Godmodder Soul's mindscape, destroying it for a time and killing the Descendants. The Shadow used this power from the onslaught to split the Shatter in two: it occurred in Godmodder Soul's avatar and his real persona at the same time, with two different battles (and potentially two different victors.)

The Shadow and Binaries escaped out of Godmodder Soul's body and reformed, with his body continuing to flash with different colors. Godmodder Soul's human body began to suffer a similar fate as it was forced to deal with a Shatter of its own. However, Godmodder Soul's corruption caused the part of his code still inside Project Binary to glitch out as well, spreading inside of him like a virus. This meant Project Binary had completely broken down and was vulnerable to attack, with Build seizing the moment to remove him from existence using the reformed Chemotherapy.

Afterwards, Godmodder Soul's body was still trapped on the server in a comatose state. The protection left by Chemotherapy's blast wore off, trapping the entire server in a field of corruption as the source code inside Godmodder Soul's mind began to break apart. Godmodder Soul's body glitched beyond comprehension as the black hole from Project Binary's corpse threatened to swallow up all of Universe C.

Act 5

In Godmodder Soul's Shatter, Omega's psyche was heavily weakened by the constant barbs and insults thrown at him over the course of the war. Too strained to go on, Alpha impaled him with his arm and took control of the Godmodder's Minecraft avatar. However, Richard's form on Earth had a different fight. Not clouded by the insecurities and instabilities of his avatar, Omega was able to calm down and realize what he had to do. In an intense fight involving the Creepy Dummy, Omega vaporized Alpha with his Banhammer and took control of his human form.

Alpha restored Godmodder Soul's form to perfect health and prepared to flee the server entirely. However, when Omega woke up in Richard's body, Richard controlled his Minecraft avatar, preventing Alpha from going rogue and telling him to get down to the server and fight. Alpha convinced Richard to let him go by saying that way, they could both do what they'd dreamed of - Alpha could pursue untold power and Richard could get a new Minecraft avatar and a new start, returning to his roots. Richard was ready to quit Minecraft entirely, but when he saw that Project Binary had destroyed the entire universe, he realized he had nothing left to live for, so he respawned in Minecraft, determined to end the war.

Instantly, TwinBuilder (who had risen up to become the Operator), restrained the Godmodder as Team Mojang's Minecraft 2.0 patch hit, slowly destroying all of the Godmodder's infinite alternate accounts and restoring Universe B in the process. The Virus, Slenderman, Split, and all of the Descendants also helped in this task, determined to completely finish off the Godmodder. Eventually, only his main account was left. The Godmodder gave his final words, saying that Minecraft was dead and if there was a next time, things would be different. He then disappeared entirely, and as Universe B reformed, the Virus's final act caused all of the infinite computers beneath the Godmodder's house to explode, destroying his mansion in a massive fireball and presumably killing the Godmodder for real.

However, after the end of the game, it was implied the Godmodder may still be alive, as his hand was shown reaching out of the crater his house left. Meanwhile, Alpha was able to recover an alternate set of Ancestral Artifacts, becoming the Psi-Godmodder and heading to the TV Tropes Pantheon, beginning the events of Destroy the Godmodder: TV Tropes Edition.

In Battle


The Godmodder (DTG2)
Entity Stats
Faction Godmodder.
Summoner N/A
Charge Time N/A
Page Summoned Page 1.
Page Killed Page 1277.
Battlefield Stats
HP 125.
Attack Power Varies. Gets higher as the game goes on.
Special Abilities Is able to godmod, or block attacks sent at him. Also possesses an extreme amount of power.

The Godmodder's power increased in DTG2 from the previous game, having more HP and attack power. The Godmodder's basic attacks were still the same, but he also gained the ability to summon entities from the previous game onto his side using the Wayback Machine. The Godmodder also summoned powerful Mechs as bosses, straying away from the traditional Terrors.

The Godmodder also began to use weapons in his attacks to augment his abilities. His traditional weapon was the Banhammer, a fearsome hammer with the power to permanently remove something from a universe. Other weapons he used were the Red Tooth, a sword that always dealt critical attacks, and the Godarm, a robotic arm the Godmodder wore which could change into any weapon.

In Act 4, the Godmodder gained the ability to use Special Attacks to fight back against the players. His Battle Techniques, Blacklist and Perpetual Trap, involve the Godmodder's usage of hammers and elaborate traps to infuriate enemies. The Godmodder's Combat Operandi were Dance of Thorns, Morning Glory, and Ophicleide Homicide. Morning Glory involved the Godmodder creating a giant light show out of fireworks, and Ophicleide Homicide involved the Godmodder using his pent-up rage from being trapped inside a tuba to create an explosion larger than the Big Bang.

Like in the first game, the Godmodder was able to change his appearance under certain circumstances.

  • Weaselmodder: The Godmodder gained the appearance of a weasel. If an attack didn't specifically address the "Weaselmodder," it failed.
  • Girlmodder: The Godmodder became genderbent when hit with a genderbending gun. Any attack that addressed the Godmodder failed. He changed back when he stated that Minecraft characters had no gender.
  • Psychopath Godmodder: A hate-filled and enraged Godmodder tormented by TT2000's April Fools minigame. In this form, the Godmodder summoned Calamity.
  • Godmodder Soul: A twisted and emaciated shell of the Godmodder summoned after his death and tainted by the Mark of the Red Dragon. 


  • The Godmodder doesn't have parents.
  • The Godmodder is the source of the U.S. national debt.
  • The Godmodder is terrified of tubas due to an unknown childhood incident. This fear was exacerbated by UserZero trapping him in a tuba once.
  • The Godmodder once took down the entirety of World of Warcraft after someone betted him he couldn't.