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“If Icould Have Used My Powers To Bring About The Paradise These Clowns Wanted Iwould Have Done So Already To Get Them Away From Me.”
The Red, Destroy The Godmodder: 0rigins

The Red is (allegedly) one of the oldest beings in the Destroy the Godmodder series, and a main character of Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins. He is one of the two Mirthful Messiahs of the Dark Carnival, the other being the Black. He was responsible for the reformation of DTG's Zeroth Disc after it was accidentally destroyed by Probect Pinary's influence and, despite his affiliations, he is one of the main allies of the players and is helping them take down the Miasmists. He is also one of the highest priority targets for the Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron and the Interdimensional Police Department.

The Red's pesterchum handle is crimsonCatastrophe [CC] (FF0000). He is not to be confused with the Red Dragon.



The Red was first mentioned during the battle against the Paradox Casino, a powerful Hostile Boss. He was mentioned as being one of the two Mirthful Messiahs of the Dark Carnival, alongside The Black, and that he was one of the few entities capable of perfectly controlling Paradoxes. Little else was revealed, however.

The Red first appeared when the Zeroth Disc shattered; specifically, he kept DTG0 from being destroyed and worked to repair the disc. About a week later, he reappeared to the Descendants, stating some of his motivations and warning the Descendants that reality was extremely close to collapsing. He has not been heard from since.