Destroy The Godmodder Wiki
Entity Stats
Faction Anti-Godmodder
Summoner Crusher48
Charge Time 100
Page Summoned 151[1]
Page Killed 249[2]
Battlefield Stats
HP Unknown
Attack Power Unknown
Special Abilities Unknown

The Ultimate Orbital Space Station, or the UOSS, was an entity summoned by Crusher48 near the end of Act 1 of Destroy the Godmodder 2. It was the most powerful entity of its time, as it was charged for 100 posts.

The UOSS had an orbital formation, being composed of several individual parts that each had a different function - the Bridge coordinated everything and the Thruster Mounts kept it in the air, for example. It gained several upgrades during its life which augmented its power.

The UOSS was ultimately destroyed by the Godmodder after all of its Thruster Mounts were destroyed and its Elevation dropped to 0. The craft collided with the server, dealing a lot of damage to many entities.

During Act 3, it reappeared as one of the zones the players had to get through to stop the Glitch - the UOSS's parts had to repaired before it once again crashed into the server.