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Twitchy, the Hivemind Incarnate
Entity Stats
Faction Pro-Zero, Gatekeeper
Summoner N/A
Charge Time N/A
Page Summoned Page 120.
Page Killed Page 161.
Battlefield Stats
HP 616,000.
Attack Power ???
Special Abilities Hivemind, Alchemical

Twitchy, the Hivemind Incarnate, also known simply as Twitchy, was a boss in Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins, and the second Gatekeeper. Her Spoil of War is the Alchemical Symbol.



Twitchy was initially summoned as the Aurin Esper on the Pro-Zero side. Her mental state quickly began deteriorating and eventually, Bomber57 opened a Warp portal and attempted to make her insides corrode using mustard gas, which she ignored and floated into, causing her to become part of the Twitch Plays Pokémon Hivemind.

After further merging into the Twitch Plays Pokémon Hivemind and becoming part-Skarmory, Twitchy saw and decided to kill the previous second Gatekeeper - Mom from the Binding of Isaac - and amalgamated her parts to give herself extra layers of defense, became the second Gatekeeper faced by the Anti-Zeroes and Gottestoters.

Twitchy was covered by a defensive array of Red Rings of Death known as the Red Array of Death which could only be removed by killing all four of her Disembodied Hands, as well as the Disembodied Heart which could summon entities to protect Twitchy as well as regenerate Disembodied Hands. She also had two special attacks, Hivemind, which summoned the Twitch Plays Pokémon Hivemind to the Battlefield and Alchemical, which regenerated the Disembodied Heart. She also had a deck of Tarot Cards which allow for special effects when drawn, and have to be chosen by players of each of the four factions or UserZero would choose for them.

After Richard used a bomb to destroy all of Twitchy's hands, the Anti-Zeroes and Gottestöters took the opportunity to bombard her with attacks. However, Twitchy took the opportunity to use Hivemind to extend her life further. Eventually, insert_generic_username as the Golem killed Twitchy, gaining her Spoil of War.