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Bill Cipher approaching Universe A.

Universe A was the term for the iteration of Homestuck that played an important role in the Destroy the Godmodder series, specifically, Destroy the Godmodder 2. It was technically a multiverse that comprised the universes of Alternia and Homestuck Earth. Universe A was the first universe of the Trifecta, and was a doomed timeline of Homestuck that was led astray upon the Employer claiming it and using it to start the Homestuck Invasion.

Universe A was home to many important characters in DTG2, including the Homestuck Kids and the Homestuck Trolls, the Condesce, Jack Noir, the Felt, Lord English, and Doc Scratch. Because of its place in the Trifecta, Homestuck was able to interact with the events of DTG2 in many ways, having a profound influence on the game, and in the series as a whole. The universe was ultimately destroyed during the End of Act 4, when its first half was destroyed because the death of Snowman triggered the entire universe's end, and its second half was destroyed because of a simultaneous failed reset and a black hole. Both events were circumstantially simultaneous.

Universe A was represented by a blue color, and takes the appearance of a large version of Alternia that gives off a blue glow and contains the image of floating stars.