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“Fseftr's wiki profile page is a work of art.”

Lapis. Lapis. Lapis. Lapis.

Hey there, I'm Fseftr. I am an admin on this very wiki, creator and former owner of #DTG, creator of the DTG Forums, player of DTG1; DTG2; DTG0; DTG TvTropes; DTG TvTropes 2; DTG MSPA; and DTG Terraria, and game master of Be the Godmodders and the end of DTG MSPA.

As you can see, I was/am rather involved in the DTG community. In fact, this entire profile is probably pointless since if you're here, the chance of you not knowing who I am is quite low, but anyways...

If you want to know more about my role in the main DTG games, try my player page on this wiki, linked below. If you want to contact me, hop on #DTG or shoot me a PM on the DTG Forums.

My Contributions to DTG